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Community Climate Lab (CCL) is an open-source research laboratory from India which focuses on developing data-driven solutions to climate change problems through interdisciplinary research. The work carried out with this community is driven by a strong belief that complex problems arising because of climate change can be solved only through interdisciplinary research. This belief gives rise to this open-source community of researchers consisting of students and working professionals from diverse domains. 


CCL focuses on discovering new answers to a wide range of climatic and environmental challenges by employing a data-driven approach to build sustainable, scalable and innovative solutions. We work on understanding different aspects of the climatic system, and how they interact, and the impact of changing climate using various open-source tools.


The community strives to bring together young researchers and domain experts, to work on some of the prevalent climatic challenges faced by the world. It further aims to facilitate the exchange of creative ideas and resources, among its community members to build a holistic environment, enabling young learners at any stage in their learning ladder to make meaningful contributions to any of our open-source projects.  Specifically, for early career researchers this community provides a supportive environment as long as they are willing to explore and learn.  


Mission: CCL’s mission is to develop data-driven solutions to a range of problems in the climate and sustainability space as an open-source community. 


Vision: CCL envisages developing an open-source community originating from India towards developing sustainable solutions to tackle climate change problems. 



The major goals of the Community Climate Lab are to: 

  • Build an open-source community of domain experts in climate and sustainability research. 

  • Develop innovative solutions through a series of case studies by adopting an interdisciplinary approach. 

  • Train and develop skills of young researchers in data, models, and advanced statistics (AI/ML). 

  • Work as a catalyst in promoting climate change research, outreach as well as help career-building for young learners. 

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